Cactus Blossom

The Color White By Elece Hollis Spring is yellow forsythia and daffodils, red of tulips, hyacinth purple, white crocus, lilies and all shades of bright. Summer is every color under the sky-blue, it's every shade of green, white clover, and red roses a picket fence. Fall has crimson apples, sunflowers, leaves of orange, yellow, and... Continue Reading →

In the Winter of the Soul

"He who lives in hope dances without a fiddle."UnknownIn the winter of the soulReach from your cold room toward a windowReach toward a cracked doorReach forward, reach outside that roomTo a warm and sun-filled place beyond yourselfIn the winter of the soulReach—pull—climb out of the dark placesStretch to the light—to help—to hopeLook out, look up... Continue Reading →

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