Like a wheel Of one of many covered Wagons whichOnce lined this old town's streetsBefore bricks paved themBefore substantial buildings Took up residence and Stores openedAlong themSnowfake Heralding ChristmasSnowflakeNever falling, never meltingSnowflakeSparkling blue at nightBlue starburstSnowflakeAbove a dusty Kansas streetHolding up the bold blueSky. 


Preparing food for winterWinter? Really?Who believes in winterWhen it's so, so hot?I do. We do.We know God promisedSpring, summer, autumn, winterTo the end of time.Really!

Snow Bell

The Noble SnowbellThe farm bell froze in place during the last winter storm. Ice coated the pull rope and snow formed a dome on the housing. Icicles hung from the rim. The bell would not ring.The grandchildren love our farm bell. We let them have a chance to sound it to call Grandpa in from... Continue Reading →

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