Spring Fog and Fire on the Farm

“ Fog comes and wraps the trees with a baby’s soft white blanket. God swaddles the earth in hope.” Fog rises from the creek bed. It lifts off the farm ponds and creeps across the terra firma. It blankets the garden plot, hides fences, and camouflages the line of farm equipment parked along the north... Continue Reading →

Redbud—Precursor of Spring

“Sometimes all a winter-worn heart needs is the tiniest bud of a flower to hear the entire symphony of springtime break forth.”c e hollis I saw on the redbud outside my bedroom window a faint glimmer. Yes, I saw a dusty shimmer almost gray, almost dusty rose—a mildest pink tinge running along the branches. Maybe... Continue Reading →

Spring is Home –– Night Rain

"There is nothing like a spring thunderstorm with its crash and clamor to clear your soul and bring peace to your winter-weary heart." c e hollis This morning the world is misty and mysterious as the sun rises. Everything is damp and warm. The trees begin to tease us with the first pale greens of... Continue Reading →


"I love your spring wind, Lord,...its bright prancing makes me want to dance too, to roll a hoop, throw confetti, gather armloads of flowers." Marjorie Holmes  To be a Child in Spring By Elece Hollis   Run up the hills where the dogwoods bloom Run, jump, and swing sky high. Spring has arrived with sunshine... Continue Reading →

Spring Whispers Promises

    Spring whispers promises and I wait through rain showers, in welcome warming sunshine, past misty mornings, and cool musical evenings. I watch buds on trees pop open and show new leaves and flowers. I watch the sprouts rise to reveal the first wonderful colors with hyacinths, crocuses, daffodils, and tulips in the flowerbeds... Continue Reading →

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