Thinking of Spring

Visiting the Myriad Gardens in Oklahoma City one spring, we  had a great time touring the botanical gardens outside the Crystal Bridge. We had been inside the bridge before with its rainforest, waterfalls, rope bridges and palm trees. The botanical gardens were  beautiful even in that early spring.
Rhododendrons bloomed and iris and pansies were prime. Brenna had such a great time with her Dad. She loved climbing in the wisteria vines and watching the ducks paddle across the stream. These roses were blooming like crazy. I thought they were an unusual color–yellow tinged with coral.
 A blooming tulip tree- a tulip popular, maybe? See the shape of the leaf.
Aren’t these iris beautiful? There were purple and yellow and coral too.
Hide and seek
The evergreens! Dependable.
A strange fruit. Note the leaves with sharp points like holly.

My favorite flower among the roses, and the columbines, iris and pansies was this one.

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