Visit to Center for Missions Mobilization

Learning about Missions

This winter we took Brenna, Quinton, and Alton to visit the Center for World Missions Mobilization in Fayetteville, Arkansas, where Joe and Audra  (our son-in-law and daughter) are now serving as home missionaries. Joe uses his expertise in art and graphics for several mission groups that have their home offices in Fayetteville.
Here Brenna posed beside some of the beautifal faces protraying ethnic groups around the world. The super-sized photograqphs decorate walls at the center.
Joe gave us the grand tour starting at the front entrance. (“They went that-a-way!)
Perspectives, Body Builders, U. S Center for World Missions, Every Ethne, and Pioneers are some of the mission organizations that are stationed at the Fayetteville office building.
Joe was excited about filling us in on all the work that goes on at the office. The goal of these home missionaries is to use their God-given skills and talents to send and support missionaries worldwide.
The building is spacious and once served as a bank (The vault makes a great storage closet!) on Fayetteville’s town square. The square is the location of a famous farmer’s market, so it affords the workers access to some interesting sights and sounds, plenty of visabilty, and as a plus, fresh fruits and veggies for their families! Here are the kitchen and the lunchroom.The entrance and lobby areas face out to the town square, which has beautiful trees and plants and shrubbery around the old courthouse building. The farmer’s market features artists painting while you watch, jugglers, musicians, and basket weavers, etc., along with vendors selling local fresh produce, soaps, candles, quilts, woven goods, and flowers.
Here we see Joe’s cubbyhole. His office also has an art table and chalk and drawing boards for creative work.  Brenna sketched this horse for Joe on one of the large chalk boards. Looks close to the real thing–her horse Lilly.
The research library and meeting room were decorated for the Christmas holiday. Thanks, Joe for a great tour of your new workplace. We are proud to be a part of it all. God bless the work!

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