Remodeling a bathroom

 The tub and surround wallboard are gone. A new tub hasn’t come in yet. The surround and new shower and faucets are waiting.

 This cabinet held the hot water heater which has been moved to a large closet in the spare bedroom. This will be replaced with open fronted shelves.

 The surround was made of Formica board  (gold speckled on white bit now seriously discolored.) and Audra had decorated the border with morning glory stencils.The walls are stripped out now to the studs.

 This door to the hall will be replaced also.

 This storage cabinet with a vanity table under it has been torn out. It will be replaced by an antique wardrobe that I have found for towels and such.

 These are the before shots of my bathroom. We are replacing the carpet with ceramic tile, the tub, toilet and sink vanity with new fixture. We have decided on new light fixtures for ceiling and beside medicine cabinet. The new medicine cabinet is a Kohler stainless recessed with a curved beveled mirror. We are installing a new ventilator fan.

 The white vanity and formed sink will be pitched.

 This is the new vanity , faucet and countertop I have chosen.

 The old ugly medicine cabinet and below, the old storage cabinet,

old sink and shower. All ripped out now.

 Here is Alton, standing around in the way and talking, which are two of his skills.

 The Lar, hard at work deconstructing walls. This ugly wall is the backing that wainscoting was glued to. It all came out.

Tearing out the light above the medicine cabinet.
 New home for the hot water heater. Dig that ancient wall paper.

 This is the cabinet I bought in Muskogee to act as a storage for towels and bath supplies.

 Ron is adding shelves for me.

Where it once was with cabinet, tub and wall board gone. The green is the new sheetrock behind tub which will be covered by the tub shell surround.

The new sink oval

 Al wiring to be replaced today!

 Sheetrock around tub
 Side of vanity, still without its sink and faucets.


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  1. Woohoooooo!!! It's going to be gorgeous! I particularly love the photo of Alton doing what he does best. At least he looks cute as he stands around talking! Can't wait to see the finished work!!!


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