Tyler Texas Rose Gardens

The Tyler Rose Gardens

This past week, we had a wonderful time visiting the Tyler Rose Gardens in Tyler, Texas. The roses were a week or so past their prime, but still beautiful. Of course, there were many other flowers besides the roses – lilies, camellias, daisies, hydrangeas, nasturtiums, columbines, snapdragons, and more. I could have stayed there for weeks! We had a nice lunch on a perfect sunny warm breezy day.We sat under huge shade trees with the scent of roses wafting around us, birdsong and the company of family. What a nice day to remember. Come walk with us.

Pink Persuasion 
Yellow rose of Texas

Candy Apple Red

Red bunch roses
Dancing musical fountains
The Gazebo and pond
Koi in the pond 
 Footbridge over the pond
Lazy yellow /pink roses
A beautiful fushia pink 
My favorite 
Consider the lilies and then you will know! 
I think lilies must be God’s favorite because the Bible says Solomon in all his splendor was not arrayed like one of these.
Picnic in the park 
Japanese Maple
Magnolia leaf in the grass 
Seven Sisters 
Pink rose bud 
Magnolia blossom 
Pretty Brenna Elise
 Father and Son — Ron and Quinton
Those three sure love their dad. 
 Quinton Riley Hollis


Easter Lily
White Rose of Sharon
Violets and caladiums
Yellow Columbine



Brenna and her Dad

Ron and I stopped for a rest by the lily pond
Boy with a frog statue in a lily pond

Seven Sisters Roses

Alton and pink sweetpeas 
Alton and Brenna 
Leader and not-so-sure follower 
Pink Dreams 
Pathways in the park
Crape Myrtle 
 Twisted crape Myrtle
Family on the bridge
Wild pink

Ruffled square-dancing skirts

Nacogdoches Yellow rose

Pink with yellow center

Yellow light from the center

Party Pink
A lovely white rose

Peaches and Cream

Passionate Pink

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I am a photographer and a freelance writer. I write stories, poetry, gift books, and magazine articles––both print and online. Photographing children, places, and especially flowers is my hobby.

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