Soul Food Flowers

“Sometimes when you’re in a dark place, you think you’ve been buried, but actually you’ve been planted. ” Lyli Dunbar

a6ae0-silverdollarcity251I planted a lily today. I planted an ugly bulb with dirt clinging to its roots. I dug six inches, spread the roots there in the hole, and turned it point up before I buried it it the damp brown soil.

I have hopes for it to thrive there in the dark and to push roots deep and stem high to the sunlight. I have faith it will do so; that by June it will have developed leaves and stems and be bristling with several tight and pointed buds.

I have faith it will get enough water, enough sunshine, and enough warmth to make those buds burst in lovely colored layers of petals, sepals and stamens; that it will draw butterflies and honey bees and flower lovers to investigate its depths and drink in its fragrance.

I planted a lily. I planted soul food today.

Published by Elece

I am a photographer and a freelance writer. I write stories, poetry, gift books, and magazine articles––both print and online. Photographing children, places, and especially flowers is my hobby.

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