Creekside Cottage, Joplin

This weekend we celebrated our thirty-seventh anniversary with a trip to Missouri. We stayed at the Creekside Cottages, a bed and breakfast recommended to us by my sister Rebecca.

 It was a rustic and comfortable and peaceful place to stay. We enjoyed the creek from a porch that ran along the back and one side of the cabin. Trees grew through the porch and shaded it. You could fish from the porch.

We enjoyed the hammock, but it was hot out in the sun and I noticed how precarious the hammock was on the edge of the embankment and with some healthy poison ivy down  below.

Acorn cups showed us that squirrels were busy feasting in the oak trees. Wind blew hickory nuts loose and they smacked the roof and rolled “snickety-snackety”down and landed with a “plunk” in the creek.

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