Five Favorite Photos

I have several favorites of all the pictures I have taken this past week. 
Here is my #1 favorite.
This Canada Goose came toward me to see if I had brought any bread then headed back to the water at Kiddy Lake Park in Okmulgee. November, 2010.
An unmatchable color. So bright and happy.
This little boy in costume at the Dripping Springs Rendezvous told me he was drawing an Indian.
I spotted these old work boots when I was perusing the camp sites at the Rendezvous.
 They remind me of my dad.
Here is Olivia stunt riding on Brenna’s very patient horse.
Leave a comment. Tell me which one you like best.

One thought on “Five Favorite Photos

  1. Elece,

    Your photos are getting better and better. I not just talking about the new camera. Their content is awesome. You are capturing many wonderful moments and they are beautiful. I have really enjoyed seeing them.

    Paula E.


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