Gray Barn

Past your prime, 
Weary and bedraggled,
Barn, you once were the talk 
Of the countryside.
You were the jewel of the farm,
The envy of neighbors. 
Bright and new, efficient,
Well-designed and nicely appointed
Convenient, warm and loved
You once housed cows and horses
Chickens roosted in your rafters.
 Piglets were born 
Behind you in the pigpen.
Your loft held sweet summer’s hay 
And a place to play on rainy winter days for 
A farmer’s children
 Later for his grandchildren.
Your big double doors opened wide
 To warm summer days, 
Held out sleet, snow, and icy wind on 
Frosty December and January nights
Old barn, now you sit resting from your work,
Aged with the work,
 The weather, and the years.
Your farmers are gone on 
To their rest 
Before you.

Published by Elece

I am a photographer and a freelance writer. I write stories, poetry, gift books, and magazine articles––both print and online. Photographing children, places, and especially flowers is my hobby.

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