Petunia Power

“The power of petunia is the power to delight and to bring joy out of simplicity. True friends are like that.”

c e hollis

A trumpet that grows in all colors to delight the heart and the eye. Petunias are an old flower and beloved by many. They are a hardy plant but fragile and sweet. The reflect the sunlight and make for a cozy picture. I love the petunias.

I believe the lure of petunias among all the flowers we have, many so fancy and aristocratic is that they are simple, pretty, and sweet. They are unassuming and not show-offish. They say, “Hey there! How are you?” That’s how friendly they feel. The language they speak is country.

Were we as real––as authentic––wouldn’t we all have more friends? Wouldn’t we enjoy our lives more? Wouldn’t we find it refreshing just to be ourselves? Besides the standards for wonderful are not set. They move. They change. Cool is only cool until another cool comes along.

I want to be a petunia. Just a simple bright spot, not famous or noteworthy, just me, plain and authentic, lovable and kind. That is how I see the petunia and why I believe it is so universally loved.

“He that would have friends must show himself friendly; and there is a friend that sticks closer than a brother.”

Proverbs 18:24

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