What Farmers Eat

“Food from the farm is all comfort food. It is the only kind farm wives cook.”

c.e. hollis

A blueberry pie, or apple, or pecan, or a chicken pot pie, a peach pie, or lemon merangue. The farmer loves pies especially a la mode with ice cream! This farmer loves ice cream of all flavors. Blue Bell homemade vanilla might be his favorite. Maybe butter pecan or Braum’s chocolate pecan.

He also loves watermelon. His favorite of summer is the long stripped Jubilee. Here he is choosing one at Muskogee farmer’s market and entertaining the sellers with his choosing techniques and a watermelon jingle that goes like this: “Watermelon, watermelon––nickel or dime. Eat the meat and pickle the rind; save the seeds for planting time.”

The farmer loves a good steak, salads, cheeses, potatoes and breads of all kinds. He loves a pan of flaky biscuits even though the farmer’s wife cannot come close to the luscious biscuits his Mama made. He pours himself a puddle of Steen’s syrup and mixes a spoon of butter in to sweeten the biscuits. He loves fig preserves or jam or jelly too. He’s not all southern though––he likes a smear of Vegemite at times.

He loves tomatoes fresh from the garden and sliced unto a plate, sliced cucumbers and cantaloupe. Peaches and pears, plums and grapes too.

The farmer loves roast beef, chicken and salmon, fried fish and even some odd foods like shrimp ceviche and sushi, thai foods, as well as all the basic southern meals like red beans and rice, pinto beans with cornbread, chicken gumbo, greens, cakes and cookies. He loves biscotti to dunk in strong dark coffee and he loves sweet iced tea and any kind of fruit. Then there are pickles and cantaloupe balls. Yes, and more pies.

“Still true: The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”

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