Pecan Season

Homemade candies, cookies and pies say home Sweet home. They say love, Christmas, and memories.

c e hollis
Pecan caramel to roll around fondant for pecan logs.

Nothing is so nice as homemade candy at Christmas. Nothing is so sweet as fresh pastries or cookies, as fruitcake and puddings. The treats of the holidays. How I love them.

Remember pecan logs at Stuckey’s? They are yummy. I make some at Christmas. First mix and cook the fondant, cool, and stir till your arm is falling off. Knead into rolls—creamy white. Cook a dark caramel and pour over buttered pecans. When the caramel sets, cut into rectangles and roll each around the fondant. So good.

Our shelled and bagged pecans come back from the processor. We start shipping.

People want pecans for holiday baking. We get in orders all month and ship several times a week. Today we shipped to Louisiana, Maryland, Montana, Arizona , Kansas, Illinois, and Colorado.

We are proud of our orchard and the pecans we produce. I love having all I want to cook with.

Pies and cookies, cakes and candies are fun to make with pecans. I’ve tried loads of new things from baked goods to salads. Cinnamon rolls are especially wonderful when cinnamon and brown sugar mix with butter, raisins, and pecans.

We enjoy sitting by the woodstove on cold evenings, cracking and shelling pecans, telling family stories and visiting. Ron uses an old cracker in my old blue enamel pan to crack out the nuts. Soon I haave plenty to cook whatever I want to cook and some to put in the freezer.

Pecans are nutritious and versatile. The trees grow in the southern states. Pralines are the favorite candy. I learned to make them while I was living in Louisiana. There are two kinds New Orleans style and Mississippi. Caramels are my personal favorite and divinity and cocoa fudge are delicious additions for the holidays.

Our small orchard of about 320 trees is a lot of work but we enjoy them. We planted the trees ourselves, grafted and pruned and worked them. At thirteen years we began to have a crop. Pecans are fussy though and so some years there are plenty and some years there are none. This year the crop was small but still exciting. We found a processor we like in Shawnee who does a great job shelling and sorting, weighing, bagging, and labeling our pecans. I think we’ll stay with them.

The Lord will command the blessing upon you in your barns and in all that you put your hand to, and He will bless you in the land which the Lord your God gives you.

Dueteronomy 28:8 NASB

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